We are happy that after more than 30 years of collecting we can turn our hobby into our job. You can visit our Buddhist art gallery or take a look at the website to view the statues and works.

We have been traveling to Thailand for 35 years and in that time, we have built up knowledge and a beautiful collection. The collection consists of antique Buddha statues, Buddhist art, ancient ceramics, and special folk art.

We have many relations in Thailand who inform us and provide us with new images and other art so that our collection is constantly supplemented. The art comes from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (Burma).

Fifteen years ago, we already had a gallery with Buddhist art in Hua Hin, Thailand. Now also in Oosterbeek. If you are looking for an authentic Buddha statue or another special Thai work of art, you are very welcome to visit our gallery and we will be happy to give you advice.

If you would like to visit us, please email or call us for an appointment.

Buddha & Buddha

Thai Buddha Art, Ceramics, Folk Art and Vintage.




You can send an e-mail, WhatsApp or give a call when you like to order an object and we can discuss certain details.

We offer the finest in Asian Arts and Antiques, all items are guaranteed to be genuine as represented. If you have any questions about items in the collection, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for a particular object that’s not in our online catalog, let us know. We have hundreds of objects at our gallery that may be of interest.