Pagodas with 2 Buddhas from the kingdom of Lanna, late 19th century. Rare!

Pair of models of Northern Mekong area pagodas with 2 Buddhas from the kingdom of Lanna, late 19th century.
Carved and polychrome wood.
Good condition.
Measurements: 132 x 14 x 14 cm.
Pair of ornamental sculptures carved in richly polychrome wood. Each one of them adopts the form of a high pagoda divided in two parts markedly differentiated: the inferior one with a niche that lodges a Buddha of the kingdom of Lan Na and the superior one with a superposition of synthesized lotus flowers. Scaled surfaces divide the two parts. Every detail denotes the precious and stylized language of the small sculpture from the Lan Na Kingdom in northern Thailand. The Buddhas are shown seated in the posture of the lotus flower and performing a mudra that symbolizes taking the earth as a witness. They are resting on a high base. Their laughing countenance radiates peace and wisdom. The symmetry of their physiognomic features expresses serenity (the perfect double arch of the eyebrows is characteristic of the Lan Na Buddhas), the closed eyelids indicate meditation, the elongated earlobes are an emblem of nobility. The headdress, carefully carved, ends with a flaming pigtail. The bhumi spara mudra (‘gesture of touching the Earth’, being bhumi: ‘the planet Earth’; and sparsha: ‘to touch’) represents the moment when Buddha solved the problem of ending suffering when he was under the Bodhi tree. Usually depicted by the historical Buddha and seated in the lotus position, as in this bronze. The right hand touches the ground with the fingertips; the left hand rests on the leg with the palm facing up.