Old antique wooden Nandi Bulls. India

Old antique wooden Nandi bulls on wooden base.

These handmade wooden figurines are approximately 100 years old.

Beautifully worn polychrome colorful statues that served as a home altar.

Original antique items Nandi is the protector of Shiva, a powerful Indian god. He was helped by this mythical bull in his fight against demons. Together they conquered evil and therefore the bull became sacred.

Today, in any temple dedicated to Shiva, you can find statues of Nandi at the entrance. An Indian Nandi represents protection and happiness. 

Nandi dimensions are approximately 6.5 cm high x 15.5 long x 6.8 cm wide. Dimensions of other Nandi are approximately 8 cm high x 16.7 cm long x 7.5 cm wide. 

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